Terms and conditions

When booking a play session our visitors agree to Titchy Towns’ terms and conditions:

  1. Titchy Town is a play centre where the parents or guardians accept full responsibility for the supervision of the children in their care.  Titchy Town staff cannot be asked to supervise any child for any reason.

  2. Children of all ages are welcome to play, but the centre is specifically designed for young children (0 – 8 years). Older children may need to be made aware that some of the resources are not appropriate for their use, e.g. equipment that is too small for them.

  3. Any child must always be accompanied by an adult. Even though your child may be able to play independently, you should stay nearby to ensure that resources and other visitors are treated with respect. (Due to Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines, we are asking that there are no more than 1 adults in the individual play houses at any one time to allow for social distancing. This will be reviewed in line with advice from the government regrading social distancing advice).

  4. All play and stay sessions to be pre-booked online in advance. Pre-booked party slots will be booked out by the centre for you.

  5. Play sessions last 90 mins each, the times of which are listed on our website booking page, Facebook and Twitter pages and entrance doors. If you join a play session already in progress, you will need to leave at the end of that session, even if you have not been there for the full session. It is your responsibility to arrive on time for your session. If you miss your play session or part thereof, refunds and transfers will not be available. At the end of the 90 minutes session customers will be asked to leave the indoor premises to allow staff time to deep clean and tidy all areas ready for the next session. A warning call will be given 15 minutes before the end of the play session.

  6. Titchy Town reserves the right to close the whole or part of the play centre at any time if deemed necessary for the security and safety of guests and staff. Customers will then have a choice to either re-book their places or receive a refund.

  7. Loyalty cards are available on request. For every 9 sessions paid for in full you receive the 10th session free. Loyalty card admits one child and one adult free.

  8. No food or drink is allowed in the play areas.


  1. The entry price includes admission only. Refreshments can be purchased separately in our café.  Please note that at the present time we are only able to accept cash payments.

  2. Optional extra activities and events will be charged in addition to the usual entry price.

  3. Due to Covid-19, we are restricting numbers in the play centre. We will be allowing 30 people (including children) per session. Please pre-book sessions online in advance. (The number of people in a session will be reviewed in line with government guidance on Covid-19).

  4. Groups (max 6 people per group including children) are asked to ensure they socially distance when queuing to enter and exit Titchy Town and all times in the role play centre. People coming up the ramp into the centre to give way and wait at the bottom of the ramp to people leaving the centre. Please follow signage.

  5. Parents are asked to arrive on time for each session to help with queue management and socially distance 2 meters apart

  6. If you are experiencing any of the following you are asked not to come to Titchy Town and seek further medical advice: continuous cough (a new continuous cough is where you: have a new cough that’s lasted for an hour); fever/high temperature (37.8C or greater); loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia); have had 3 or more episodes of coughing in 24 hours; are coughing more than usual.

  7. All customers will be asked to read and sign Covid-19 related screening questions when booking and when entering the site. Please do not visit Titchy Town if you have Covid related symptoms, are waiting for test results and self-isolating, you should be self-isolating for whatever covid related reason, have been in close contact with someone who has Covid or who are awaiting results.

  8. Temperature checks will be taken on all persons when arriving as a high temperature is one of the 3 most common symptoms for Covid-19. If a person’s temperature is above 37.8, they will be asked to wait 5 minutes and then a second temperature check will be taken.  If their temperature is still above 37.8 after the second reading, they will be declined access to the centre (both adults and children).

  9. Entry prices are listed in GBP on our website and social media pages. We may change these at any time without notice.

  10. When entering the play centre all customers are required to sanitise their hands (adults and children).

  11. In line with government guidance, there is no legal requirement to wear face coverings in indoor settings. However, to ensure the safety of all our staff and visitors we recommend all adults and young people (over the age of 11 years) to wear a face mask when in the centre unless they are exempt. We recommend these to be worn at all times, unless you are eating and drinking. Masks can be brought from the centre from £0.50p if you forget to bring your own.

  12. Failure of customers observing safety measure will result in then being asked to leave (no refund provided under these circumstances)

Transfers and cancellations

  1. All Titchy Town bookings are non-refundable.

  2. Although bookings are non-refundable, a booking can be transferred to another session.

  3. Transfers of any pre-booked places are only available where Titchy Town is notified a minimum of 24 hrs prior notice to the start time of the pre-booked session, no refund or transfer can be made with less than 24hrs notice.

  4. There are no exceptions to this rule. The transfer policy applies in all circumstances, even difficulty locating a parking space, roadworks or traffic incidents, adverse weather or illness.

Groups and Parties

  1. Group or party bookings need to comply with all rules.

  2. An ‘exclusive use’ group or party booking covers exclusive use of the play centre for a 90 minute session. If your party or group visit does not have exclusive use, other visitors may be using the play centre, including the café area, during your visit.

  3. On booking a party a non-refundable deposit of £50 is payable in advance (no later than 72 hours prior to the party starting) in cash to the centre.

  4. We recommend 20 children per party - that are to play in the centre. 

  5. Payment is cash only. The remainder of the party payment is due on arrival at the centre.

  6. PDF party invitations can be printed by the customers themselves via our website.

  7. There is no need to arrive early for your party as everything will have been taken care of, however you can have access to the centre 15 minutes prior to the party starting.  Please allow staff the time to deep clean and tidy after the preceding play session.

  8. Please allow adequate time for clearing up after your party as we will have a next session starting. You will be given a warning 15 minutes prior to the end of your session.

  9. Party food is only to be consumed in the café are and at the tables provided. No food or drink is allowed in the play areas.

  10. We have no food with nuts, some packaging may state ‘may contain nuts’ please ask host to see any food wrappings for ingredients.

  11. Adults are responsible for ensuring that children’s hands and faces have been wiped and sanitised, before re-entering the play area.

  12. Young children should be accompanied by their parents/guardians at the party. If older children are invited without their parents, they are the responsibility of the party host or designated adults who should ensure they treat our resources and guests with respect.

  13. Depending on the time decided on, for serving the party food, the play areas will be closed off for tidying no re-entry to play area until food has been consumed.

Our rules

  1. Titchy Town does not accept responsibility for the supervision of children. All children must be supervised by a responsible adult/guardian at all times. 

  2. Only food and drink purchased in the Titchy Town cafe may be consumed on site. (Baby food and drinks and pre-booked party food are the only exception).

  3. To prevent the spread of infection, children who are unwell, or who have been unwell, must not visit the centre for 48 hours after recovery. Refunds will not be given, and transfers require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Please ensure you are following current government advice regarding Covid-19 and isolation periods.

  4. All people entering the centre will be required to complete registration information to ensure we can comply with the current Covid-19 track and trace guidelines.

  5. If a child or adult visiting Titchy Town is sick or infectious during their visit, they must leave the premises immediately or will be asked to do so. No refunds or credits will be offered in such cases.

  6. Titchy Town reserves the right to take guests temperatures when entering the site. If you are unhappy to have your temperature taken, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately. No refunds or credits will be offered in such cases.

  7. Titchy Town reserves the right to deny admission or ask an already admitted person to leave if they do not abide by our rules and rules of play rules, if they pose a danger or threat to staff or customers, or in case of any illegal activities, damage to property, or offensive behaviour. Fighting, bullying, climbing, kicking, hitting, spitting, abusive language will not be tolerated. Guilty parties asked to leave for these reasons will not be refunded.

  8. Persons causing wilful damage to the play centre facilities will have to pay for any damage caused.

  9. To ensure everyone has a safe time playing at Titchy Town, running, chasing and crashing games are not allowed.

  10. No food & drink or chewing gum is permitted in the play areas.

  11. Smoking is prohibited inside Titchy Town facilities and this includes the use of e-cigarettes.

  12. Please also see our ‘Rules of play’ poster in reception.

  13. We cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of the child's behaviour when playing or due to a lack of supervision by the accompanying adult.

  14. Please abide by all play rules – you can find these on our webpage and they are posted up around the play centre.

Special arrangements

  1. Please contact us if you or your child has any allergy, disability, medical condition or other additional need that may impact on your visit to Titchy Town. We will endeavour to put in place any appropriate arrangements to cater for your and their needs.

  2. Special arrangements will be made under management’s discretion.


  1. Customers are permitted to take photos of their children. Please avoid taking pictures of other people’s children.

  2. Titchy Town cannot be held responsible for any images posted on to a public website or social media platform without prior permission from the persons in the photograph or their guardians.

  3. Titchy Town will never share images of visitors and their children on our website or social media pages without prior consent.

Security & Safety

  1. Customers should always keep all valuables with them.

  2. Customers bringing personal belongings into Titchy Town do so at their own risk. Titchy Town accepts no liability for any loss or damage to visitors’ belongings.

  3. Titchy Town accepts no responsibility for any items left in the pushchairs or coats during visits and accepts no liability for any loss or damage to them.

  4. Please follow all Covid-19 guidance to keep everyone safe and secure.