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Rules of play

To ensure that you have a great time at Titchy Town, all we ask is that you adhere to the following rules

1.      We do not permit access to our premises to adults who are not accompanying children, or who are not part of a group which includes other adults who are accompanying children.

2.      Titchy Town does not accept responsibility for the supervision of children.  Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18 for the entire duration of their play session.

3.      Titchy Town has a large number of toys and props, including some small items, so we ask that all younger children (who under 3 years of age, or those who are otherwise prone to put things in their mouth) are closely supervised by the responsible adult at all times.

4.      Food and drinks are not permitted in the role pay area.  All food and drinks must remain in the cafe area.

5.      We ask that both you and your children follow a ‘be fair, kind and polite’ approach to play so that everyone has fun.  It is the responsibility of the responsible adult to ensure children under their supervision are always well behaved.  Fighting, climbing, running, bullying or abusive language will not be tolerated.  Parties may be asked to leave without refund if this rule is not adhered to.

6.      All accidents must be reported to a member of staff to ensure we can provide any necessary assistance and record the incident.

7.      We cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of the child's behaviour when playing or due to a lack of supervision by the responsible adult.

8.      Please report any broken equipment so that it can be removed and replaced.  Upon leaving the building please ensure that any Titchy Town resources are left behind.  We understand that children sometimes put things in pockets and items end up going home with them.  If this happens to you, please feel free to bring the items back to Titchy Town at your earliest convenience.

9.      You are not permitted to bring your own food on to the premises, with the exception of baby food and formula, or food that may be required for medical reasons.  Only food purchased at our onsite café may be consumed within Titchy Town.  If you have brought your own food because your child has special dietary requirements then please speak to a manager who will be able to advise.

10.  The last 10 minutes of every session will be the designated tidy up time. All children and adults are encouraged to support the swift tidying away of play resources before leaving Titchy Town. 

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